Winged Victory - Inside the Blue Devils 2007 DVD

2007 DVO

Product Overview


In 2007 The Blue Devils captured their record setting 12th world Championship as they celebrated 50 years of excellence. NOW you can watch this amazing season unfold on this DVD – Inside The Blue Devils 2007. This is the longest running Drum Corps series on the market. Since 1996, fans around the world have embraced this concept of experiencing The Blue Devils UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. With over ten years of producing the “Inside” series, the Blue Devils know how to provide a wealth of quality content.

The mission of this series is to give you a “front and center” experience like NO other drum corps product!

  • Sit in the middle of The Blue Devils musical ensemble and be completely surrounded by 100 incredible musicians and experience drum corps in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Hear the staff and members discuss insider’s details of the season and 2007 production
  • Choose the camera angle and section of the corps and view the championship performance
  • Go behind the scenes and watch the Inside the Blue Devils documentary
  • Watch special 50 Year celebration tributes and videos
  • Access a TON of SPECIAL features
  • AND a SPECIAL Second Disk With ALL 7 minute BlueViews - Music Videos and 50 Year Celebration Highlights!!!

DVD technology gives you control over what you hear and see! Go behind the scenes and smack into the middle of the 12-time Drum Corps International World Champion Blue Devils via the most advanced digital and audio technology available. Experience the emotional and physical roller coaster of the 2007 season, 50-year celebrations—and the championship winning week—through the eyes of The Blue Devils members and staff. Sit in the midst of the incredible Blue Devils musical ensemble recorded the week of Championships and enjoy the studio recording of the 2007 production, Winged Victory, in 5.1 Surround Sound Dolby Digital! Listen to the members and staff describe their experience as The Blue Devils celebrated 50-years of excellence and win their record setting 12th world championship in their home state of California.