Through The Years - The 70s CD

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CD 70s

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When hearing the words, "The Blue Devils," one thinks of suave guards dancing their hearts out, massive drills evolving across the field like butter on a hot griddle, dynamic drum lines pounding jazzy rhythms into submission, and stupendous brass lines making one's bones rattle in glorious submission.

This is the first CD of the new Blue Devils - Through The Years Collection set. "Through The Years - the 70's" captures those memories and brings them alive in digital glory. Hear all over again why The Blue Devils are the most successful corps in DCI history.

Relive the corps' meteoric rise in the 1970's. "Through The Years - The 70's" presents ALL the FULL DCI World Championships shows from 1973 through 1979.

"Through The Years." From thousands of members of The Blue Devils to your living room, entertainment center, or auto CD. You'll want to rip the plastic off this case as soon as you can. Get ready to be thrilled by the magic, the power and the drum corps that is and al