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Product Image Through The Years - The 80s CD

Through The Years - The 80s CD

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When hearing the words, "The Blue Devils," one thinks of suave guards dancing their hearts out, massive drills evolving across the field like butter on a hot griddle, dynamic drum lines pounding jazzy rhythms into submission, and stupendous brass lines making one?s bones rattle in glorious submission.

This is the second CD of the new Blue Devils - Through The Years Collection set. "Through The Years - the 80's" captures those memories and brings them alive in digital glory. Hear all over again why The Blue Devils are the most successful corps in DCI history.

Relive the corps as they established themselves as a perennial favorite in the 1980's. "Through The Years - The 80's" presents ALL the FULL DCI World Championships shows from 1980 through 1989.

From thousands of members of The Blue Devils to your living room, entertainment center, or auto CD. You'll want to rip the plastic off this case as soon as you can. Get ready to be thrilled by the magic, the power and the drum corps that is and always will be The Blue Devils!

1980 - Birmingham

Birmingham and the Blue Devils again. Leading off with Wayne Downey's composition of "New York Fantasy", into Sammy Nestico's "Ya Gotta Try" (as played by the Buddy Rich Big Band), into Hank Levy's "Pegasus" as recorded by Kenton. Then a reprise of "Free" from the Chicago 111 Suite, "La Suerte de Los Tontos" from 1979, and the ballad "Dindi" from the pen of Brazilian composer Carlos Jobim.

1981 - Montreal

The 1981 program opened again with the popular "New York Fantasy" by Wayne Downey and "You Gotta Try" by Sammy Nestico. The program continued with the intriguing percussion feature "LA, Danse, du Bonheur". Once again "One More Time Chuck Corea" by Gene Puerling of The Singers Unlimited played a big part of this years show. The popular "Johnny One Note" by Rogers & Hart was the next production followed by Carlos Jobims' beautiful ballad "Dindi" that was the finale for this exciting show.

1982 - Montreal

A real barn-burner, Rob McConnell's composition "TO", led BD to their record-breaking fifth championship. Hank Levy's "Pegasus"' with the guard displaying beautiful wings, followed that selection. The percussion feature was Kansas' "Paradox. Since the music of both Chuck Mangione and Chick Corea had played a major part in the winning performance of the Blue Crew, it was most appropriate that the selection "One More Time Chuck Corea"' itself a bit of a pun by composer/arranger Gene Puerling of the Singers Unlimited, should follow next. The theme from the motion picture "The Competition" -"People Alone" by composer Lalo Schifrin, closed the Montreal championships.

1983 - Miami

The opener is Rob McConnell's "T.O." - the tune written for Toronto's Ted Reilly (a local D.J.), Maynard Ferguson's Everybody Loves the Blues" is the next tune, followed by the rock group Kansas' "Paradox" as the percussion feature. Gene Puerling's acappella piece recorded by his Singers Unlimited is the basis for "One More Time Chuck Corea" (not a typographic error-the tune is intended as a tribute to both Chuck Mangione and Chick Corea). The last piece is a composition by the talented team of Downey/Meehan, and is entitled "A New Beginning".

1984 - Atlanta

Kenton alumnus/arranger Steve Spiegl's "Bacchanal" leads off, followed by Hank Levy's (another ex-Kentonian and talented director of Towson State College's Jazz Ensembles) "Latin Implosion", a Latin piece combining the concepts of Stan Kenton and Don Ellis. The percussion feature is Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Karn Evil 9" (2nd Impression), Maynard Ferguson's arrangement of Chick Corea's "La Fiesta" served as the inspiration for the next feature, and the romantic Brazilian "Like a Lover" by the talented duo Allan and Marilyn Bergman serves as the closer.

1985 - Madison

Butch Nordahl's "Lifecraft Earth" originally recorded by the North Texas State 1:00 O'clock Lab Band serves as the off-the-line. Back to Emerson, Lake and Palmer again-with a brief interlude from "Trilogy" and a repeat of "Karn Evil 9" from 1984. Then into Keith Ererson's classical Piano #1 (Third Movement), and closing with Pat Metheny's "First Circle".

1986 - Madison

To celebrate the occasion of the tenth anniversary of their first DCI Championship, the Blue Devils chose to repeat their 1976 winner-the "Channel One Suite" written by Bill Reddie and originally recorded by Buddy Rich. Moving from that piece to Maynard Ferguson's "Conquistador" as an introduction to the selections from Chick Corea's "Spanish Fantasy" (parts 1 and 1V) brought them to their sixth championship, and the second one in which they swept all scoring captions.

1987 - Madison

The off-the-line was Hugh Montenegro's "Fanfare for the New" as originally recorded in the 1970's by Kenton's Neophonic Orchestra. From that into "Harlem Nocturne"' by Earl Hagen and to the percussion feature based on Frank Zappa's "Echidna's Art (Of You). Then into a repeat of Chicago's "Free" one of the two tunes that found its way into the Blue Devil's book four different times (the other was Mangione's) "Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor"). Closing with Doc Severinsen's arrangement of "Spanish Dreams".

1988 - Kansas City

Emphasizing the Big Band era of the 1930's and 40's more so than in the past, the 1988 Blue Devils featured a some-what different set of musical selections as well as introducing an almost entirely new uniform. The off-the-line was "Happy Days are Here Again" by Milton Hager (based primarily on a recent Streisand arrangement). From that they moved on to "That Old Black Magic", based on a big band arrangement by the late Ashley Alexander. The percussion feature was an adaptation of Don Piestrups' "Goodbye Yesterday" (As performed by Buddy Rich's band). The closer is "Since I fell For You" by Buddy Johnson, with an imaginative and crowd pleasing exit featuring the brass soloists as the corps exited the field.

1989 - Kansas City

Bringing back a main stay in the Blue Devil repertoire, Sammy Nestico's "Ya Gotta Try" served as the opener this year. The second production is the very beautiful ballad, "If We Were in Love" composed by Allan and Marilyn Bergman. Then into Claude Bollin's "Allegre" that featured the percussion with a very interesting brass accompaniment. The final piece is another Blue Devil favorite "Johnny One Note" by Hart & Rogers.