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Product Image Through A Glass, Darkly (2010)

Through A Glass, Darkly (2010)

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The influence of Stan Kenton has not been foreign to the Blue Devils. Two separate worlds that in a peculiar dance of coincidence continue to leave an imprint on audiences worldwide. Kenton’s orchestra was much more than a rich presentation of star soloist; he also advocated the works of new composers and embraced any opportunity to explore artistic contrast. The work of Bob Graettinger and Kenton so challenged convention that it was vastly under-valued. Fortunately, the benefit of time can often bring a new understanding and appreciation of what was once so misaligned.

Ultimately, it is the sensibility of the entire “City of Glass” album that informs the 2010 Blue Devils production of “Through A Glass, Darkly”. Performing in an ever-changing city of glass and mirror, the Blue Devils continue to explore and discover visual possibilities outside the norm. Through reflected light and the prism of color the future unfolds. The Blue Devils honor Graettinger and Kenton’s innovation with a reflection of the past that defines our present and heralds the future.

The Blue Devils 2010 – THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY

1. Dance at the Mirror
- City of Glass Suite 1
- La Suerte De Los Tontos

2. Laura
- Laura
- Conflict
- Mirage

3. Incident in Jazz

4. Reflections
- City of Glass Suite 1
- Trajectories

BD Brass 2010 Special Extras

5. Eternal Father, Strong To Save (Navy Hymn)

6. Canon from Chicago III Suite

BD Drums 2010 Special Extras

7. Para-Dise

8. Dit-08

9. Flams

Blue Devil 'B' 2010 – S P A C E

10. Overture & Battle from Interstellar Suite

11. Lux Aurumque

12. Aha!

The Blue Devils 2009

13. 1930 - Get Happy
- Happy Days are Here Again
- Playing Love
- Piano Variations
- Rialto Ripples
- I Got Rhythm