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Product Image The re:Rite of Spring (2013) CD

The re:Rite of Spring (2013) CD

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The 2013 Blue Devils join the centennial celebration of a landmark work with The re:Rite of Spring. Through the framework of Stravinsky's music burst forth an extraordinary terrain of audio and visual imagination. From classical to jazz to primal rhythms and beyond, the Blue Devils continue to explore the living, breathing robustness of organic design and performance. DCI's most honored drum corps travels the US to showcase their talented performers through creativity and excellence. A season unfolds and the cycle of adventure continues with the Blue Devils and The re:Rite Of Spring.

Digital copies of these tracks are available in Mediabox

Hear the full corps in this exclusive pre-season recording.

  • 2013 Blue Devils – The re:Rite of Spring
  • 2013 Blue Devils B – WARPED

This CD also includes championship performances of...

  • 2012 Blue Devils – Cabaret Voltaire
  • 2012 Blue Devils B – Ecstatic Waters


  • Percussion extra: Malfred
  • BD 16th