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Product Image The Beat My Heart Skipped (2011) CD

The Beat My Heart Skipped (2011) CD

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The avalanche of coverage and inclusion of Burt Bacharach’s work into popular culture and classic reference should be of little surprise to anyone. Bacharach’s rich catalog continues to garner a groundswell of worship from generation to generation and it was only a matter of time before the magic made it’s way to the drum corps performance arena. The 2011 Blue Devils present a rich, and long overdue look into the mastery of Burt Bacharach’s music.

Without question, there is a respected history and a living, breathing, very modern life-form taking shape in the Blue Devils production of “The Beat My Heart Skipped”. The maestro meets the motion in an emotional whirlwind of dazzling artistry rising from the blueprint of a seemingly ordinary array of yard lines. Bacharach along with the masterful performers of the Blue Devils are an invigorating combination of contemporary creativity with classic DNA. The joy of this invigorating combination travels the United States for a summer of sheer drum corps celebration.

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The Blue Devils 2011 – THE BEAT MY HEART SKIPPED

1. House Is Not A Home
2. Summer of 77
3. I Say A Little Prayer
4. Woman
5. Wives and Lovers

BD Brass 2011 Special Extras

6. Salvation Is Created
7. Bb Tuning Major
8. Bb Tuning Minor

BD Drums 2011 Special Extras

9. Malfred
10. Paradise 2011

Blue Devils 'B' 2011 – Synchronicity

11. Synchronicity I & II
12. Kaleidoscope Heart / Music By Numbers
13. Krump

The Blue Devils 2010

14. Through A Glass, Darkly - City Of Glass Suite
- La Suerte De Los Tontos from Cuban Fire Suite
- Laura
- Incident In Jazz
- Conflict