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Product Image ScoJo Lick of The Week - Season Two

ScoJo Lick of The Week - Season Two



Scott Johnson, aka ScoJo, is back for SEASON TWO with ALL NEW licks - Twenty-six of them in fact, explained, broken down and demonstrated by Scojo himself. Each lick is about 3 minutes in length and there are PDF music sheets for each lick so you can play along. This unique DVD disc contains over 2 hours of rim rocking content.

Test your skills with one of the most sought after marching percussion experts in the world, Scott Johnson. Play them over and over again until you are ready to perform with the top snare drummers in the world. These licks are what ScoJo uses to get the World Champion Blue Devils Snare line game ready for the intense night after night competitions.

Have you ever wanted to learn the licks? You know, the ones that you hear someone else play and you think, "What was that?!" Well this is the DVD just for you.

  • #27 - Spicy Flam-Fours - I am going to use the four stroke rough, diddle style.
  • #28 - 12/8 Two Height Diddles -Changing Heights as a drummer is how we create dynamics.
  • #29 - Two Three’s and Three Two’s - Here we are keeping a sixtuplet feel for the entire Lick.
  • #30 - Triplet Diddle - Single Style - Here is a very popular exercise that has been around awhile
  • #31 - Flam Drags...sss - Here I am going to use six of my favorite stickings for Flam-Drags.
  • #32 - Old School Patty - We’re going back in time a little bit.
  • #33 - The Quicker Para-Diddle-Diddle - We are going to fit a para-diddle-diddle in the space of one 8th note.
  • #34 - Four-Stroke Rough It - We are going to explore the single and diddle approach to the four-stroke rough.
  • #35 - Back-Sticking Six Tuplets - Here are some fun variations for fast back-sticking patterns dealing with sixtuplets.
  • #36 - Swiss Miss - The Swiss army triplet, or bowers, or whatever else you want to call them.
  • #37 - Tribute to 77 Ch. One - This is a version of one of the funniest pieces I played in my BD marching career.
  • #38 - Hi-Mom Workout - We are going to give that left hand stick trick I call the “hi-mom” a workout.
  • #39 - Flam Drag-Griddle - We are going to take the basic flam-drag and change the accent to every partial.
  • #40 - Flam-Me-Up-Scotty - We are going to work flam-accents in a basic 4/4 pattern.
  • #41 - Uncle Ted - What a great title for this Lick…?
  • #42 - Indoor 2001 - I went through some of my archives of music I wrote for the RCC Indoor lines.
  • #43 - Double Accented 32nd Note Singles - OK you “fast single freaks’….here we go.
  • #44 - 03-Vocal Snare Break - By popular demand…here is an excerpt from the Blue Devils Snare Lick’s.
  • #45 - Flam & Egg-Beaters - By taking a 3-2 egg beater pattern, we are going to add a grace note to the first note of the 3’s.
  • #46 - Low Four’s & Three’s - We will play two variations of sticking to work the right and the left leads
  • #47 - Buzzing a Herta - There are usually three notes in a herta.
  • #48 - 03-Indoor - I went back into my Indoor licks and found this cool one from RCC from 2003.
  • #49 - Quick Taste - Soft fast singles.Lets test our low, fast control with this one.
  • #50 - Inverted Flam-a-Diddle Pyramid - The Flam-a-Diddle-Diddle Inverted.
  • #51 - Grace Is Malf - By taking a grace note and placing it after the primary note we create A “BACKWARDS” flam I call a MALF
  • #52 - Burn - This is all about speed.

DVD includes printable PDF's of the licks